TriStar Four Open Burner Countertop Hotplate TSHP-4-24-N



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Stainless Steel: Front, landing ledge and sides.
Control Knobs: Durable, cool to the touch knobs.
Open Burners: 28,000 BTU/hr. cast iron burners with lift-off burner heads. No
gaskets, no screws. One standing pilot for each burner for instant
Burner Grates: 12” x 12” sections lift-off, heavy duty cast iron. Cast-in bowl directs
heat upward.
Drip Pan: Full width removable drip pan.
Gas: Manifold pressure is 5.0” W.C. for natural gas or 10.0” for propane
gas. Manifold size 3/4” NPT. Specify type of gas and elevation if over
2,000 ft.
Clearance: For use only on non-combustible surfaces. Legs or stands are
required for non-combustible floors. Provide 0” clearance from
non-combustible surfaces and 8” from back, 10” from sides from
combustible surfaces.

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Condition: Next To New
Category: Hotplate
Brand: TriStar
Connectivity: Gas
Available: On Hand
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