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Tandoor Oven Minra Traders 33/37 Natural Gas



Plus Applicable Taxes & Delivery

Made in 2016 – New, never installed

Fully Gas Assembled Clay Tandoor Oven – Model No. 32/37 Fully Gas Assembled Certified -4 and Gas Certified ANSI-Z-83Mainra Traders’ Gas-fired Tandoor was tested and approved by C.S.A. (a North American Standard; Code: ANSI Z83.11b CSA 1. 8.2016). It is quarterly inspected for compliance with ANSI/NSF Standard 4. It bears the CSA/US mark for Gas safety and Health/sanitation.

BSF 90 day parts warranty

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Condition: Next To New
Category: Oven
Connectivity: Gas
Available: On Hand
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