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CMA Under Counter Dishwasher L-1X



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  • CMA-Under-Counter-Low-Temp-Dishwasher-L-1X
  • CMA-Under-Counter-Low-Temp-Dishwasher-L-1X

CMA Under Counter Dishwasher

24″x 23″x 30″

30 racks / 120 covers per hour.
Economical to operate. Uses only 1.7
gallons of water per cycle.
All stainless steel construction assures long
life and years of trouble free operation.
Unique spray arm system features upper
and lower stainless steel wash arms with
reinforced end caps.
Built-in chemical pumps and deliming
system assures proper chemical usage.
Convenient to service “Works-in-a-drawer”.
All electrical components are attached to a
sliding drawer for easy access and service.
Pumped drain allows for flexible installation.
Requires no floor drain.
Pump purging system improves results by
eliminating soil and chemical carryover

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Condition: Next To New
Category: Dishwasher
Brand: CMA
Available: On Hand
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