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CMA L-1X Under Counter Dishwasher



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CMA L-1X Under Counter Dishwasher
-2-min. total cycle with a 58-sec. wash, 32-sec. rinse, and 30-sec. dwell/purge
-Washes 30 racks per hr.
-Includes 1 peg rack and 1 open rack, both measuring 19.75 in. x 19.75 in.
-Maximum dish clearance height: 12.125 in.
-Built-in deliming system and chemical pumps regulate the amount of chemicals used per cycle
-Pump purging system eliminates soil and chemicals during the rinse cycle
-Stainless steel pump impeller extends service life
-Built-in water inlet system strainer prevents water valve from clogging
-Stainless steel upper and lower wash arms have reinforced end caps
-Safety door switch protects staff members
-Strong stainless steel construction resists rusting
-Slide-out drawer provides access to electrical components
-4-in. legs elevate the unit off the floor
-16 A, 1 HP
-Dimensions 24″ x 23″ x 30″

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Condition: Next To New
Category: Dishwasher
Brand: CMA
Electrical: 115V
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