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Berkel Semi Automatic Meat Slicer X13A-E



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Capable of producing 60 slices per minute, the Berkel X13AE auto food slicer is ideal for fast-paced restaurants and delis. The blade is made of stainless steel and has a 13-inch diameter. The unit’s one-piece polymer base has no seams or crevices that could catch debris, streamlining the cleanup process. To keep the operator’s hands clean and dry, the controls are located outside of the drip zone. The Berkel X13AE automatic meat and cheese slicer has an ergonomic, multi-grip handle for superior comfort. For maximum safety, a permanent guard is attached to the non-slicing portion of its knife, and its no-volt release prevents the unit from restarting on its own in the event of a power outage. A sanitary one piece engineered polymer base and product table reduces seams and joints while providing an NSF approved surface for easy, effective cleaning. A removable and submersible table mounted sharpener with borazon stones for accurate sharpening. Precise thickness control is achieved using a variable pitch barrel cam for fine adjustment and wafer thin slices. The index knob and operating controls are mounted outside of the drip zone for quick and easy access.

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Condition: Next To New
Category: Slicers
Brand: Berkel
Electrical: 115V
Available: On Hand
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