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We are BSF... we're NOT your Grandpa’s equipment dealer


We’re a young, enthusiastic, and diverse team of Restaurant Equipment Nerds that have been takin’ the Restaurant Equipment industry by storm since 2016. Our vision is to be the #1 choice for food service equipment and services…….in the universe!

We serve all types of food service businesses big… medium… small… restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, confectioneries, cafes, legions, banquet halls, churches, fishing lodges, care homes and more!

Our roots started in 2014 with Constantin and a couple of used 3 door coolers in a garage. We’ve grown a lot since then and now proudly offer quality warrantied used Restaurant Equipment (YES! used restaurant equipment with WARRANTY) PLUS NEW equipment from the brands you love. We are a go to for service & parts in the Saskatoon area. And NEW in 2021 – we are beyond pumped to be partnered up with Provisional Auction Hosting to bring BSF’s on-line auction’s to a computer & cell phone near you.

BSF’s mission is to offer FLEXIBLE, RELIABLE, and FAIR equipment solutions and services. Aside from finding you amazing deals, we aim to go above and beyond to take your experience of buying Restaurant Equipment to an entirely new level by being available when you need us whether by phone, text, Messenger, email or in person. 

We’re a company like no other, we love to have fun and keep you in the loop with what’s new in stock and going on at BSF through our Faceboook and Instagram page including: Equipment videos, service tips, just plain nonsense and adorable content of our door greeter Lewis, the French Bulldog!


Meet Our Team!

Constantin Katsiris

Equipment Jedi – BSF Founder – CEO



Like a lot of great businesses BSF was started by accident – with a couple of 3 door coolers on Kijiji.  Constantin got a taste for buying and sellin’ or “flippin’ things” after the cooler score in 2014 and found that the local restaurant community was looking for a trusted, reliable place to buy AND sell their equipment. After mastering the art of Kijijiology and after there was no place left to park in the garage, Buy Sell Find Restaurant Equipment was started and a temporary home was found in 2016.  

Equipment kept moving in and out, word got around quickly and it was time to move again in 2017 to a bigger spot on Wheeler Crescent and not to mention, one with a working bathroom (ask Amanda one day how she liked the porta-potty in December in Sask!). In 2019, the Wheeler Street building was sold and we were on the move in Sep 2020 to our current and much larger space on Lambert Crescent. And we’re really hoping this is our long term home. Do you have any idea what it’s like moving 7,000 square feet of big, heavy stuff!?!? 

It’s been almost 7 years and BSF has truly snowballed into something amazing! We now offer brand new & warrantied used equipment, in house and on location Service and Parts, and in November, 2021 BSF Auctions was launched!

Constantin’s role has changed A LOT since the Kijijiology days of 2014. He was the lone one man show, posting ads, driving the forklift, making deliveries and pick ups, detailing and paying bills. Now he has some help and focuses more on leading the team and keeping our Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktoc interesting. He’s also our go to guy to help customers looking to sell their stuff. But….he’s still known to run amuck on the forklift from time to time. 😉 

His vision for BSF is to be the #1 choice for restaurant and foodservice equipment and service…on the PLANET! We hope we exceed this expectation!! 


Amanda Rains

Parts & Service Genius, BSF Warehouse Master



Just over 4 years ago, Constantin hit the employee lottery when he came across an ad for a young lady looking for some part time work. (Shhhh… don’t tell her we speak so highly of her or she’ll ask us for more money, Haha)

After a brief interview, Amanda was hired to create herself a position at BSF and Constantin finally got the opportunity to take a day off from time to time.  Amanda stated in her interview that she had no previous restaurant equipment experience, but she that she’s “Eaten at a lot of restaurants, and has some sales experience, so how hard can the gig really be?” Haha. So that was that, and Amanda was officially the 2nd employee to join the Buy Sell Find team. 

And what an impact she’s had! Her unparalleled customer service, leadership & organizational skills, paired with her drive to learn everything and anything about the restaurant equipment business is just what we needed! If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find it! 

Like Constantin, she’s done it and can do it all – but now has some help. With the additions of Brooke, Jayde, Barry and Marla she’s currently focused on growing our Service & Parts department and keeping our warehouse in order and in check.

We don’t know where BSF would be without her – but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be this far! 


Brooke Crozon

Louis’ Mom, Finance & Admin, Department of No



Sometime during the early Kijijiology days Brooke was swept off her feet by our very own, Constantin.  Brooke and Constantin always joked that it would be their dream to work together. In July 2019 she quit her job at the U of S, hung her fancy framed masters degree on the wall, and has been studying deep fryers and baking ovens ever since!  In fact, she probably knows more than Constantin about most things!

Before Brooke joined the team Constantin was… welll… jusssssssst a litttttle unorganized! Brooke spent the first 4 months hunting down 87,642 missing receipts from the previous 4 years and then started building company policies and processes.  Things have been sailing a lot smoother and we are all happier for it!

As one of the early team members, Brooke has also worn many hats around here. One of her most important jobs these days is Louis’ personal chauffer and makes sure he shows up for work most days. She’s also the Department of No and destroyer of Constantin’s crazy ideas. We’re thankful she balances him out. Kidding aside, she handles a lot of our finance and admin and supports all areas. Her latest project has been launching and supporting the auction and training our newest staff member Julia. 

Jade Hryniuk

Equipment Re-Homing Expert, Marvin’s Mom



Jayde started out at BSF back in October 2020.  She told us well after we hired her that Louis violated our workplace conduct policy during her interview – he licked her ankle the entire 30 minute interview. Guess she was Louis approved from the start! 

If you’re from Saskatoon you’ve probably heard of Pal’s Donuts and the talented Jayde! In her spare time, Jayde slings some of Saskatoon’s best donut flavors – try a cronut next time, they are our favorite!  

Jayde & Paul tied the knot in summer 2022 after COVID postponed their big wedding celebration in 2020. Jayde and Paul can often be found out at Furdale Park with their fur-kid Marvin the Shiba running circles around them. 

If you are on the hunt for something, Jayde is relentless at finding the right piece for the job you need done. If she can’t find it – it probably doesn’t exist. Not only is she great at customer service, she’s a rock star managing all the incoming messages on Facebook. So – a sales rocks star, is Louis approved, and – she brings us donuts.  We scored us a good one here too! 

Mardonni Gonzales

Equipment Repair Wizard




Barry Gurski

Equipment Re-Homing Expert, Budding Tiktoc Sensation




Marla Natomagan

Organizer of Chaos



What can we say about Marla! Marla is our administrative extraordinaire and resident DJ, keeping all things in the front organized, lively and happy (including the plants Brooke neglects to water).  

Julia Grenier

Auction Master in Training




Louis Crozon-Katsiris - CDP, HOS, CAF, BOAD, Esquire

Chief Door Greeter, Brooke & Con’s Fur-Kid




This could be YOU!!

Best Team Member EVER



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