This is WHY we wake up EVERY morning excited about what we do!! No sarcasm here folks!! BEST JOB EVER!! If you’re in the restaurant, confectionery, bakery, bar or hotel business, then congratulations you’ve just scored an awesome contact! And we bet you’re probably pretty awesome too! So you’re probably wondering what we do?? Well… We… Buy Sell and Find Restaurant Equipment. I honesty tried to pick the most self explanatory name I could, but… people still ask us what is it that we do! (All jokes aside…)

We buy all kinds of restaurant, bakery & confectionery equipment. From single pieces of equipment that are not being used and need a new home, to equipment from entire businesses that are shutting down. Give us a call & we’ll BUY it all! Well, almost…. if it’s older than your uncle Bob, then we don’t want it! (No offence Bob!) And if it doesn’t work, like my 20 year old nephew, who’s too busy playing video games …. then we don’t want it either!


We sell (almost) everything and anything restaurant, bakery and confectionery related. We currently have 350+ pieces of next-to-new equipment in stock, as well as various pieces of new equipment. We have strong partnerships with new equipment suppliers and continue to negotiate new deals with others to give you more options to choose from.


This was the biggest part of “WHY” we got started and an even bigger part of “WHO” we are. We have built a significant following due to our relentless research and finding skills! You name it, we can more than likely get it for you. Whether it’s a piece of your equipment that has broken down and you need a replacement ASAP, or a hard to find specialty item, drop us a line and we’ll put our team to work and find it for you.


(Not officially part of the Buy Sell Find name … but still a very important part of who we are) You can trade in your equipment that you don’t use anymore, or bought and were planning on using, or the equipment that your chef made you buy and promised you that he’d use it….for that new menu item…that’s still NOT ON THE MENU!! Story of your life… (we know). As long as it works, we’ll take it in on trade and switch ya for something you can actually put to use. A new flat top?? Fryer?? Whatever your heart desires and your business will actually utilize, we can help you!


We know you have equipment that has been sitting in the basement of your restaurant for EVER!!… Or maybe you’re passed that, and have moved it to storage… we know… one day you’re going to find the time (in between lunch rush, supper rush and trips to the wholesale club) to try and sell it on Kijiji …and then 2/3 of the people that call you and set up a time to look at it won’t even show up… and the other 1/3 of the people that do show up will more than likely try and low ball the pants off of ya! Now who in the world would want to deal with that!?!?

(Well….. WE DO!! Like we actually like it when people try to low ball our pants off! WE LOVE IT!) Instead of all that funny business, let us come by and pick your equipment up, get it hooked up and ready to sell. And then we’ll call you when we find an interested buyer. And if you’re cool with the price that’s being offered….. AWESOME! We’ll cut you a cheque! And off to the bank you go! (WOOHOO!! PARTY TIME!) Not happy with the price offered? No worries we’ll keep grinding away til you’re happy!


Not sure if your new menu item will fly – or want to start small and upgrade as you grow? A rental program is probably a great option for you?

Looking to invest in a high-quality, high capacity piece but want to keep your cash for operating costs? Prefer owning your equipment outright?  A lease or loan sounds right up your alley! We have awesome financing partners who have flexible options for you!


Got a fryer that has some serious sentimental value to you and you just can’t bare to let her go? Lunch rush and your cooler is hotter than your chef’s ghost pepper salsa? We do commercial appliance repair in and around Saskatoon with trained commercial appliance technicians as well as refrigeration and gas journeymen. Our flat rates are competitive and transparent – we don’t ding you with the multiple hidden charges and fees like the other guys.

Now – let’s talk preventative maintenance…..you wouldn’t drive your car for 5 years without an oil change would you? So why the heck is your freezer any different? AND – did you know that just like your car, your equipment warranty is only valid if you do regular cleaning and maintenance? So – let’s get you the most life out of your equipment and book some regular preventative maintenance services. Plus, you will get an additional 10% off our rates for appliance repair services.




  • Small locally owned business operating out of Saskatoon
  • We offer Financing on New and Next-To-New Equipment
  • We offer fantastic transportation/shipping rates
  • Refrigeration Technician on Staff
  • Our Staff is Knowledgeable and Friendly


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